Superman Inflatable Costume – Halloween Party Prop – Fun and Heroic Cosplay Outfit

High-quality inflatable costume designed for Halloween parties and cosplay events.
Features a humorous and unique “fat” superhero design, adding a fun twist to the traditional Superman character.
Made from durable and lightweight materials, ensuring comfort and ease of movement while wearing the costume.
Comes with a built-in fan to keep the costume inflated and maintain its shape throughout the event.
Suitable for adults of all sizes, with adjustable straps and a roomy design for a comfortable fit.
Attention: The costume requires 4 * AA batteries for the inflation fan, which are not included in the package. Please make sure to have the batteries ready before use.
Follow the provided instructions carefully to properly inflate the costume. Avoid overinflating to prevent any damage.
For a comfortable fit, it is recommended to wear the costume over your regular clothing.
Take care when wearing the costume in crowded or confined spaces to avoid accidental contact with others or objects.
Avoid exposing the costume to sharp objects or rough surfaces that could cause punctures or tears.
Adult supervision is advised when children are wearing the costume to ensure their safety and prevent any potential hazards.
Enjoy the attention and laughter as you become the life of the party with this hilarious Superman Inflatable Costume!


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