Silver Birthday Crowns Queen Headband

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Classic Silver Tiara: This elegant silver crowns queen headband features a delicate and intricate design, adorned with sparkling rhinestones or crystals. It exudes timeless beauty and sophistication, making it a perfect choice for a queen on her birthday.

Regal Crown Headband: This silver crowns queen headband is designed to resemble a traditional royal crown, featuring silver metalwork embellished with ornate patterns and faux gemstones. It combines regal charm with the comfort and ease of wearing a headband.

Silver Glitter Crown: For a touch of sparkle and fun, the silver glitter crown headband is an ideal choice. It is adorned with shimmering silver glitter, giving it a festive and celebratory vibe. This crown is perfect for a queen looking to add a playful element to her birthday ensemble.

Rhinestone Princess Crown: This silver crown queen headband is encrusted with dazzling rhinestones, creating a brilliant and glamorous effect. It exudes a sense of luxury and majesty, making any queen feel like royalty on her special day.

Vintage-inspired Silver Crown: This antique-style silver crown captures the essence of old-world charm and sophistication. With its ornate details and vintage appeal, it adds a unique and regal touch to any queen’s birthday ensemble.

Personalized Birthday Crown: Make the queen’s birthday truly special with a personalized silver crown. You can customize it with the queen’s name or initials, adding a personal touch and making it a cherished keepsake.

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The silver crowns queen headband made of soft fabric hot pressed with silver stamping glitter. Premium quality and no coming off glitter. Black “Birthday Queen” letters make the sash look shiny and elegant.

We will never been as young as we are now. Live for a no regrets life and enjoy your birthday party with our tiara and sash!

Color: Silver
Material: Soft fabric
Tiara Size: 13.2cm/5.2″ length and 5.1cm/2″ height.
Sash Size: 155cm/61” length and 9.5cm/3.7” width
Package Including:
1x Silver “Birthday Queen” sash + 1 x rhinestone tiara gifts set.


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