Red Cartoon Mouse Ears Headband

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Material: The red cartoon mouse ears headband is typically made of a flexible and lightweight material such as plastic or foam. It is designed to be comfortable to wear for extended periods.

Color: The headband itself is predominantly red, representing Mickey Mouse’s signature color. It adds a vibrant and playful touch to any outfit or costume.

Ears: The two large, circular ears attached to the headband are a defining feature. They are made of soft material, such as felt or velvet, and match the red color of the headband.

Size: The red cartoon mouse ears headband is adjustable to fit various head sizes, making it suitable for both children and adults.

Iconic Design: The Red Cartoon Mouse Ears Headband closely resembles the iconic look of Mickey Mouse, one of the most beloved and recognizable cartoon characters in the world. It is a fun and nostalgic accessory that instantly evokes a sense of joy and whimsy.

Versatility: The red cartoon mouse ears headband is a versatile accessory that can be worn on various occasions, such as theme park visits, costume parties, Halloween, cosplay events, or simply as a playful fashion statement.

Popularity: The Red Cartoon Mouse Ears Headband is a sought-after item among Disney enthusiasts and fans of Mickey Mouse. It has become an iconic symbol associated with the Disney brand and is often seen at Disney theme parks worldwide.

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The red cartoon mouse ears headband , covered with polyester fabric, the surface material of the crown part is made of different colored sequin, fillers inside.

The red cartoon mouse ears headbands are perfect for presents, cosplay, girls headwear, party decorations, Christmas, Halloween, costuming, park trip or daily wear.

One piece of the red cartoon mouse ear headband in a package. The width of the headband part is approx 4.7 inches, the width of the crown part is approx 9.1 inches.

Once you find any problem of the red cartoon mouse ears headband, please contact us, We will solve it as soon as we can.

Color: Red
Material: Polyester fabric
Bow approx5inch (about 12.5CM)
Ears approx3.3inch (about 8.5CM)
Crown approx9.1 inches (about 23CM)
Packing: OPPBag packing
Note:Dry Clean Only.


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