Party Glitter Princess Mickey Mouse Ears Headbands

About this item
Headband Base: The headband is made of a flexible and comfortable material, covered in fabric or a soft foam-like material for a comfortable fit.

Glittery and Sparkling Accents: These glitter princess mickey mouse ears headbands are known for their eye-catching glitter and sparkle. The ears and headband are covered in a layer of glitter fabric or adorned with glittery sequins to create a festive and princess-like look.

Princess-Inspired Colors:The glitter princess mickey mouse ears headband incorporates colors associated with various Disney princesses, such as apricot. The color evoke a regal and magical atmosphere.

Princess Character Embellishments: The headband may feature small princess-themed embellishments or attachments, such as crown-shaped accents, miniature tiaras, or princess symbols like glass slippers or royal emblems. These details pay homage to different Disney princesses and add an extra touch of princess magic.

Decorative Bow or Ribbon: A decorative bow or ribbon, in a coordinating color, is a common feature of these headbands. It adds a feminine and elegant touch, enhancing the overall princess theme.

Glittery or Embroidered Princess Images: Some Party Glitter Princess Mickey Mouse Ears Headbands may include glittery or embroidered images of various Disney princesses. These images can be found on the ears, headband, or attached accessories, showcasing the princesses and their iconic poses.

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This glitter princess mickey mouse ears headband is paired with shiny mouse ears with mini sequins and a delicate bow, the overall look is very beautiful, there are many colors to choose from, there is always one you are satisfied one.

This glitter princess mickey mouse ears headband is suitable for theme parties, birthday gifts, cosplay, and party decorations. Also suitable for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthday and other festivals.

Name: Mickey ear headband
Color: Apricot
Material: Plush + sequins
Size: 21X23cm (8.27×9.26inches)
Packing: OPP bag

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