Halloween Ghost Hugger Inflatable Costume – Spooky and Playful Party Prop Outfit for Ghostly Embrace

Scare up some fun at your next Halloween party with the Halloween Ghost Hugger Inflatable Costume.
Made of high-quality materials, this costume features a ghostly figure that appears to be giving you a spooky hug.
Easy to wear and inflate, simply step into the costume and turn on the included air pump to bring the ghost to life.
The costume is designed for adults and is perfect for Halloween parties, cosplay events, and haunted house attractions.
Get ready to spook your friends and family with this unique and interactive inflatable costume.
Package includes 1 x Inflatable Costume, 1 x Air Pump, and 4 x AA batteries (not included).
Please note that the costume requires 4 AA batteries to operate the air pump, which are not included in the package.
– Prior to wearing the Ghost Hugger Inflatable Costume, ensure that it is fully inflated for the best visual effect.
– Avoid overinflating the costume to prevent discomfort and potential damage.
– Exercise caution while moving around in the costume, as it may restrict your movement and visibility.
– Keep the costume away from sources of heat and flammable materials to prevent any fire hazards.
– When not in use, store the costume in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality and durability.
– Children should always be supervised while wearing or playing with the costume.
– If you experience any discomfort or difficulty while wearing the costume, remove it immediately.
– Please follow the provided instructions for proper assembly and use of the costume.
– The Ghost Hugger Inflatable Costume is intended for entertainment purposes and should not be used for professional performances or stunts.
– Embrace the spooky spirit of Halloween with the Ghost Hugger Inflatable Costume and enjoy a memorable and fun-filled celebration!


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