Halloween Bunny Ears Headband Bow Ties Tail Set

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Halloween bunny ears headbands are popular accessories for Halloween parties, costume events, or simply as a festive addition to your Halloween outfit. These headbands typically feature bunny ears in various designs and styles.

Design: The headbands are designed to resemble bunny ears and have two ears attached to a flexible band that can be worn on top of the head. The design can range from realistic bunny ears to more whimsical or spooky variations for Halloween.

Material: Halloween bunny ears headbands are made of plush.Package includes a bunny ear headband, a bow tie and a rabbit tail.

Color and Style: The headbands may come in different colors and styles to suit Halloween themes. Bunny ears are pure white.

Size and Fit: Bunny ears headbands are typically designed to fit most head sizes. The flexible band allows for a comfortable and secure fit. They are often adjustable or have a stretchy band to accommodate different head sizes.

Versatility: Halloween bunny ears headbands are versatile and can be used for Halloween parties, trick-or-treating, costume events, or as a playful accessory. They can be worn by both children and adults to complete their Halloween look.

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Halloween is coming, what gift are you ready to purchase for celebrating the festival? Now, we will recommend you a 3-in-1 cute rabbit style cosplay headdress set, which includes one head hoop, one bow tie and one tail. They are made of durable soft material, and each one is equipped with an elastic band for comfortable to wear. Wearing the 3-in-1 bunny cosplay headdress, you will become outstanding and attractive in Halloween or some masquerades.

Material: Plush.
Size: 18x3x28cm / 7×1.2x11inch.
A wonderful cosplay prop and decoration for Halloween or some special masquerades.
Perfect for adults and children Party Cosplay Costume.
Package includes a bunny ear headband, a bow tie and a rabbit tail.
Add a memorable splash to your photos by using this perfect accessory.
Stylish and cute rabbit ear design make you become more unique.
Package Including:
1 x Bunny Rabbit Costume Set,Halloween Cosplay Props,Ears Headband Bow Ties Tail Set,Hallowe


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