Deluxe One-Eyed Demon Inflatable Costume – Scary Halloween Zombie Clown Prop

Scare everyone at the Halloween party with this Deluxe One-Eyed Demon Inflatable Costume.
High-quality and durable construction ensures long-lasting wear and a realistic look.
Easy to inflate and wear, simply step into the costume and secure the straps for a comfortable fit.
The one-eyed demon design with a zombie clown twist adds a creepy and unique touch to your costume.
Perfect for Halloween parties, costume contests, haunted houses, and more.
Stand out from the crowd and create a memorable impression with this eye-catching costume.
Includes an inflatable costume and built-in battery-operated fan for continuous inflation.

1. Safety first: Please ensure proper adult supervision when wearing the Deluxe One-Eyed Demon Inflatable Costume, especially around children and in crowded areas.

2. Batteries not included: The costume requires 4 AA batteries to power the built-in fan for inflation. Please make sure to have fresh batteries on hand for uninterrupted operation.

3. Comfortable wear: Adjust the straps of the costume to achieve a comfortable and secure fit. Avoid wearing the costume for an extended period to prevent discomfort or overheating.

4. Be cautious of obstacles: The costume adds extra bulk and may limit your visibility, so exercise caution when walking, especially near stairs, doorways, or any potential hazards.

5. Proper care and storage: After use, deflate the costume and store it in a cool, dry place to maintain its quality. Avoid exposing the costume to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

6. Allow for inflation time: Give the costume a few minutes to fully inflate after turning on the fan. Adjust the costume as needed to ensure proper inflation and an impressive appearance.

7. Stand out responsibly: While the Deluxe One-Eyed Demon Inflatable Costume is designed to make a statement, please be considerate of others and follow any guidelines or rules provided by event organizers or venue staff.

8. Have fun and be creative: Use the costume as a chance to express your creativity and embrace the Halloween spirit. Enjoy the reactions and excitement it brings to your Halloween festivities!

Unleash your inner demon and make a hauntingly memorable impression with the Deluxe One-Eyed Demon Inflatable Costume. Follow these warm tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience while captivating everyone around you.


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