Customized Bluetooth Mobile APP Control Editing LED Smart Display Hat

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LED Display: The hat is equipped with an LED panel or matrix embedded in the front or brim. The LED display allows you to customize and display various messages, images, animations, or patterns. You can use a mobile app to control the content displayed on the hat’s LED screen.

Bluetooth Connectivity: The hat is connected to a mobile app via Bluetooth. This enables you to remotely control the LED display, change settings, and customize the content shown on the hat. The Bluetooth connectivity adds convenience and flexibility to the hat’s functionality.

Mobile App Control: The mobile app associated with the hat allows you to edit and customize the LED display in real time. You can create and upload your own images or animations, input text messages, adjust brightness, select display modes, and control other settings through the app interface.

Customizable Content: The LED display on the hat gives you the ability to showcase your creativity and personal style. You can display personalized messages, slogans, logos, or designs, making the hat a unique accessory that stands out from the crowd.

Rechargeable Battery: The hat is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that provides the necessary power for the LED display. The battery can be recharged using a USB cable, ensuring that your hat remains illuminated for extended periods of time.

Adjustable Hat Design: The hat itself is adjustable, allowing for a comfortable and secure fit. It may have a traditional baseball cap or snapback design, ensuring that it can be worn by individuals of different head sizes.

The Customized Bluetooth Mobile App Control Editing LED Smart Display Hat is a cutting-edge accessory that combines technology with fashion. Its LED display, Bluetooth connectivity, and customizable content make it a standout piece that allows you to showcase your creativity and personal style.

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Unique, Fun & Entertaining! Show off your creativity. Light up your message and make it stand out simply with the tip of your finger.

Material: Cotton
Color: As Shown witch prop
Size: 28x18x16cm (11x7x6inch)
Package includes:
1x LED cap
1x USB charging cable
Note: Hand Wash Only

Battery Performance : 902040 Polymer Battery
Hat fabric:cotton
Input voltage/current : 5 V/1A
Charging type: USB interface charging
Charge time : 3 hours
Use time : 5 hours

Technical characteristics:
Rated capacity of this product is 700mAh.
Adopting high power, high light, long life 432 lamp beads and 2121 RGB LED lamp beads.
When charging, the controller displays red light, and the light will go out after charging is completed.

Operational guidelines:
Mobile phone can scan the following QR code for download installation, or go to the Google Play/APP Store, search “Shining Glasses” to download.
The first time you open APP, when have permission options, please all select permission.
If android phone can not search for Bluetooth, please check if the positioning is open!
Connection equipment:
Click “+”→ Select the cap to control → Click the connection → Click on the blank page to enter the main interface and search for the device name as GLASSES-XXXXX.

Text editing:
Type text: Click on the preview box → select text color → input text content →display ’’OK’’, you can achieve a single text with different color effect.
Text effect: Set text color, background color, effect (left, right, flicker), speed.

Animation & Pictures:
Animation interface contains 22 animations, 1 animation loop.
The system comes with 20 pictures, and you can also DIY the logo you need.

Custom Sketchpad: Select color, then light up the lamp beads on the glasses, draw various patterns you want, and display them on the glasses in real time.

Music rhythm:
Automatically scan the local music and play it.
Microphone Rhythm: In Rhythm mode, can recognize other external sounds to control the lighting effect of glasses.


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