2 Pack Halloween Felt Scarecrow Hats

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About this item
Design: The hats are designed to resemble traditional scarecrow hats, featuring a floppy and wide-brimmed style. They are made from felt material, which gives them a rustic and textured appearance reminiscent of straw or burlap.

Material: The hats are made from soft and lightweight felt fabric, making them comfortable to wear. Felt is a durable material that holds its shape well, allowing the hat to maintain its scarecrow-inspired design.

Size and Fit: The hats are designed to fit most head sizes. They may have an elastic band or adjustable straps to ensure a secure and comfortable fit for both children and adults.

Harvest-themed Colors: The hats come in harvest-themed colors like brown, orange, and yellow, reflecting the warm and earthy tones associated with the autumn season. These colors evoke a festive and seasonal vibe, perfect for Halloween or harvest-themed events.

Versatility: The Felt Scarecrow Hats can be worn for various occasions, including Halloween parties, fall festivals, costume contests, or simply as a decorative prop. They are versatile accessories that can complement a scarecrow costume or add a festive touch to any Halloween ensemble.

Pairing with Costumes: The Felt Scarecrow Hats can be paired with scarecrow-inspired costumes or combined with other Halloween accessories to create a complete look. They can be paired with straw-inspired outfits, patched overalls, plaid shirts, or other harvest-themed elements to enhance the scarecrow aesthetic.

The 2 Pack Halloween Felt Scarecrow Hats offer a charming and festive accessory option for Halloween or harvest-themed events. Their scarecrow-inspired design and harvest-themed colors make them a delightful addition to costumes or a fun way to embrace the spirit of the season.

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Complete your scarecrow costume with this 2 pack of scarecrow hats – 1 black and 1 brown – made from felt, these hats feature a pointed end, patch details, and are accentuated with a brown rope cord.

Lightweight, soft and sturdy, these hats have a comfortable fit. The flexible felt brim ensures the hat stays securely in place.

Scarecrow hats are one size fit most adults. The inner circumference measures approximately 23”.

Great novelty costume accessory for a scarecrow. Add a sunflower to dress them up and give some personal character.

Set of scarecrow hats are perfect to be used for a school play, Halloween, costume contests, office parties, themed parties, couples costume, or a craft project.

Material: Felt
Color: As Shown witch prop
The inner circumference measures approximately 23inch (58cm)
Packing list:
1 x Hat
Note: Hand Wash Only


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